Who am I ?

Hailing originally from Plymouth in the UK and residing in Seattle, WA for the last 30 years, I am a passionate and curious creative technologist. My career has always been focused on exploring how nascent technologies can help unlock human potential.

As a veteran of technology start-ups, big tech corporations, and entrepreneurship, I've conceived and held leadership roles for some of the most popular online consumer services in the world. I have helped household brands explore metaphorical new frontiers and rocket companies explore the literal final frontier.

I've trained astronauts on how to identify tile damage from the International Space Station and held regular forward patent brainstorming meetings with Bill Gates.

As an entrepreneur, I co-founded and was CEO of the Emmy award-winning R&D Lab, 8ninths. Serving the biggest brands in the world and winning a Sports Emmy for the first 360 VR Documentary of ascending Mt. Everest.

I envisioned and built the world's first holographic workstation for Citibank, establishing our company as a world leader in Enterprise Augmented Reality. I led the company through 10 years of growth, including multiple capital raises and successful acquisition in 2018.

A named inventor on over 12 patents, I've worn every hat in the industry, and those experiences have led me to develop a passion for helping others achieve their grandest ambitions.

I am a Sheppard in both name and nature.

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Entrepreneur, Technology Executive, Consultant & Adviser. From Rockets to Retail, I've worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to envision and create the future through the application of cutting-edge technology.